“I can feel it in my clothes.I even had to move three belt buckle holes over and feel awakened again to my body.”

Josephine is Down 10.75 inches!
Down 14.75 Inches - Fast!

On Day 25
- Down 8.25 inches
- Lost 9.4 pounds of pure fat
- Visceral fat was down 2
On Day 45
- Down 14.75 Inches
- Lost 15.6 pounds of pure
- Visceral fat dropped 4

Sarah is Down 7.25 Inches in 14 Days!
Brenda is Down 9.5 Inches!

In her first 14 days, Sarah had amazing results.
Body Mass - Down 6.5 pounds of PURE FAT
Visceral Fat - Down a full point
Muscle Mass - Up 8.6
Bone Mass - Up .6 pounds

“I put on a pair of pants that was tight on
my thighs before and now it fits great. I
am feeling the change!” - S.M

Inches - DOWN 9.5 Inches Overall
Body Fat- DOWN 3.1%
Body Mass Index- DOWN 1.6%


“After doing 12 sessions, my clothes fit so much better and I’m wearing outfits I used to feel uncomfortable in. I feel more confident in myself overall! It’s a true blessing!” -B.H

Jamie is Down 11.25 Inches - FAST!

In ONLY 30 days, he lost 10 pounds of pure body fat and 11.25 inches!




“Thank you for helping me feel confident again!. For taking the time and effort to get me the results I’ve been looking for. I look
forward to losing more and more!” -

Facial Mask - Red Light Therapy

“I quit smoking about a year ago and I wanted to do something about the harsh lines that had developed over the years.
After 12 treatments on the Facial Rejuvenation Mask, I can honestly say I look 10 years younger! I feel young again.” - S.L

Marian is DOWN 13.5 Inches!


“When I look in the mirror I see someone I’m proud of. It has been a very long time since I’ve been able to say that. My husband notices my body changes too and hasn’t been able to keep his hands off!  Love my new body. Thank you!!” -M.P

Cait is DOWN 7.75 Inches -FAST!

“My main concern was the pudge on my stomach. It’s so flat now I’m in awe and stare in the mirror at it! This has been one of the greatest experiences. I feel connected to my body again” - C.P

Day 30:
- Cait is Down 7.75 Inches
- Lost 6 Pounds of Pure BODY
- Body Mass Index is Down 2%

Emily Looks GREAT!
Blue light therapy

“For years I struggled with Rosacea and acne. It made me feel insecure and I felt like I was constantly hiding. I feel so much more confident now and only wear makeup occasionally.”- E.P

Agnes Feels Young Again!
Combo tx lipo LED/cellulite tx

Day 45:
- Agnes has visible results
- Is Down 8.25 Inches
- Lost 6 Pounds

“I wanted to see what the light machine
could do for my cellulite. Getting older
has taken a toll on my skin and I was
sick of looking at it. 12 sessions later
and I feel so much better about myself.
Next up - Arms!” -A.L